Wikileaks not Media? No, Actually CNN, FOX, ETC. is Propaganda

by David VanThournout
Wednesday, December 5th, 2010

As The pundits weigh in on whether or not we should assassinate, criminalize and otherwise censor Julian Assange’s Wikileaks for making America and the rest of the world aware of the criminal activity within America’s military and the ineffectiveness and failures of important things like our ability as a nation to engage in diplomacy, we are probably missing the main point as usual.

Joshua Holland posted a very interesting article on making what I think is the most important point yet. His argument is that Wikileaks is in fact not breaking any laws at all and is just doing what real news outlets do every day. Talk to insiders, publish the information, protect their sources identity. Merely the lifeblood of an informed electorate. Nothing else.

More importantly, getting “creative” as has been suggested by the Obama administration as a solution to Wikileaks is an extremely dangerous foray onto the slippery slope of fascism.

In Josh’s article it mentions that; State Dept. spokesman P.J. Crowley told CNN that the idea that Assange is a journalist is nonsense.” “Julian Assange is an anarchist and we’re not going to let him succeed,” Crowely said. And Pentagon General Counsel Jeh Johnson said on Thursday that in his “personal opinion” Wikileaks “is not media”.

I’m not surprised by this belief at all. In the last ten years or so no real reporting has gone on at CNN anyway, it would look radical indeed if an outlet really started giving us a raw feed like Wikileaks, I imagine if I was a right wing neocon bent on eternal war I’d want to kill Julian Assange as well. I’m not though, I’m just an average citizen that cares where my country is going and would like some real information for a change. Julian Assange is a hero plain and simple. The charges levied against Mr. Assange in Sweden are very likely trumped up and there is every indication that there are large institutions pushing behind the scenes to make a mountain out of a molehill.

There is a very real danger here. If we as a nation come to the conclusion that Wikileaks is a criminal activity then virtually any news outlet can be labeled as such and hounded out of the conversation and put in prison for treason or worse, assassinated for telling the truth. Does that sound at all like democracy? I didn’t think so.

Are people going to suggest that Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow of MSNBC be assassinated next? If we vilify the truth tellers and whistle blowers we will no longer be living the American dream, we will be dying at the hands of an American lie. And that would be a win for the terrorists.

This is an assault that no terrorist could possibly accomplish. That we as a nation would prefer fantasy over truth. There is more earth shattering, game changing, news in 4 years of wikileaks than there has ever been from Fox, and CNN isn’t much better in my opinion. So yeah, while I understand that the big media outlets would like us to believe they’re different and “more responsible” than Wikileaks, I can easily and handily point to the fact that they have been asleep at the wheel and now they’re simply unable to grasp that they’ve been just beaten to the scoop and are going the way of the old rags like the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. Both rat holes right wing billionaires run their mega wealth down in order to dominate the public discussion on anything and everything. I’m sure they would love to silence that horrible truth telling man Julian Assange.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; “Liars always sound better than someone telling you the truth.

Try not to kill (literally) the messenger America, these truths are our last best hope to end our empire well.

Is the Crackdown on Wikileaks and Threats of Julian Assange's Arrest Exactly What He Was Planning?

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