Thank You For Not Using Microsoft!

This isn't going to be a comprehensive analysis of browsers with all of their capabilities and liabilities laid bare... sadly no. I can not give you that.

However, I have used them all and I just have to say that IE6 is the browser that keeps me down. I'd love to use the latest greatest CSS3 but microsoft didn't play nice. Things are better with IE7 but it still barely renders CSS 2.1 properly. since we're not far enough away from the inception date for IE6 I still work on keeping it from breaking too badly in IE6 while still validating as xhtml 1.0 strict and valid css.

Opera is the best browser if you want to totally control the formatting of web sites from the client side. Opera is superior in most ways. Whether you're simply surfing the web, developing a web site, or helping your 93 year old grandmother check her email, Opera is it. IE7 again comes in last in all categories. No surprise there.

google chrome is quickly becoming my favorite web surfing tool. It rarely crashes and when it does it faithfully restores the last session without fail. I find this very convenient since my research is extremely varied. I highly recommend google chrome if you haven't tried it.

This site has been tested in several screen sizes and five different browsers.

I hate websites that request you use a particular browser. I take pride in my ability to write for multiple platforms. However, this website is guaranteed to look like crap in IE6. If you are still using IE6 please stop. Use any browser but IE6.

Put your browser through the Acid Test. Acid 2 is fairly easy to pass unless you're IE6 of course.

Acid 3 on the other hand is another story. The only browser that is coming close to passing Acid 3 is Apple Safari and then only if you download the most recent upgrades called "nightly webkits". Which is too bad because my machine, a PC running windows Vista doesn't play nice with Safari. I'm leaning towards Linux these days.

I do the best I can to make this design look great in every browser by adhering to Web Accessibility standards. This web site is valid xhtml 1.0 strict and valid CSS.

Check out for the best web design resources on the internet.

Again, thanks for not using microsoft.

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